Exalted son, I have heard (that) the superintendent, appointed by you before my final decision, is cautious. (But) here (in the court), Siávash Khán Sháh Mir is partial notwithstanding his high post and an adequate ‘jághir’. Honesty is an essential qualification in a servant. Write to me whether Asad-ūd-Din, the son of Diláver Khán, who is near you, possesses this quality (of honesty), in addition to intelligence; if so, I will summon him into my presence, and appoint him to the post. I, with a wounded heart, insensible, and needy, always seek for honest human beings. These honest people fall under the category of the phœnix* (i.e., like the phœnix, they are known by their names only, but never seen in the world; i.e., honest people are not to be found in this world).* A philosopher was asked “What’s the medicine for the disease of selfishness?” He replied, “Selfishness is an innate quality; which gives a polish to the deep and careful attention of the master, so that the servant may not remain needy in any way and his essence (i.e., honesty) may be bright and shining under any cir­cumstance and its purity may not be destroyed by the rust of need.”