Exalted son, Kázi Abdūllá* joined God’s mercy (i.e., died). He used to please me and (my) subjects during his tenure of ‘káziship’. I do not know about the condition of his sons. Abdūl Majeed Khán, his eldest son, was, for a time, your ‘kázi rikáb’.* Write to me if he possesses the qualifications of learning, unselfishness, and goodness. There is no more important work than ‘káziship’, because the people of God (whose dignity is great) are imprisoned or sentenced to death by the decision of a ‘kázi’. Kázi Sheikh-ūl-Islám was helped, as it was necessary, by the divine grace in doing good, to inquire into and distinguish between right and wrong. A good man is very rare; and a rare thing is non-existent; (therefore, logically, a good man is non-existent; i.e., there is no good man in the world).