Exalted son, the town of Dūhad,* situated in a district of Gujarát, is the birthplace of this sinner, full of sins (i..e, Aurungzebe himself). You should learn to shew proper kindness to the inhabitants of this town.* You should shew favour to Pir Mankhá,* who has been the police officer of this town for a long time, and should keep him in his own post. For Pir Mankhá’s sake, you should not listen to the slander of the selfish, for whom it may be said that ‘in their heart there is a disease (of hypocrisy) which God increases.’* (Verse) “A king must possess one general eye for shewing favour to the weak, and one special eye for shewing favour to some favourites (i.e., a king should shew his kindness and favour, generally to the weak and especially to his favourites).”