Exalted son, it seems that you passed one month in shooting cranes near the river Tal.* Though hunting* is an occupation which gives pleasure and delicious food, yet it is more pleasant when indulged in after being disengaged from the execution of important affairs, to do which is your bounden duty; chiefly (after being disengaged from) per­forming the rights of sovereignty, which, according to religion and custom, should be done properly. The responsibilities of these (rights of sovereignty) are enjoined by reliable traditions, well-known histories and other works. They should be given priority to all other duties. If you are convinced of the execution of the affairs of one district, why don’t you engage yourself in the management of the affairs of Khán Jehán, A’akel Khán, Shūjá’at Khán, and Muhammad Beg?* You (like) the pleasure of game while I enjoy myself in conquering fortresses and subduing rebels. Alas! what will be your position in this life and in the life after? (Couplet) “There are many who advise others, in this world; but there are very few who advise them­selves.” Life passes away in vain and we can do nothing. What answer shall we give to God after death?* (Verse) “O God! have mercy upon our condition.”