Exalted son, the artillery and palace superintendent* has been appointed (by you) the police officer of Naváh* of Ahmedábád.* He appoints his vulture-like (i.e. bribe-receiving) relatives and friends to ‘patelships’.* The complainants against the power of the above-mentioned superintendent do not get admittance into your court. Robbers and vaga­bonds have become the companions of his son-in-law who afflict God’s people (our subjects). I wonder what answer we shall give on the day of judgment.* The Holy and High God is just. If we appoint a tyrant (to a post), every act of oppression perpetrated by the oppressor appointed by us is just. It is we who allow oppression by giving power to tyrants and withholding justice from the oppressed. (Couplet) “Wheat grows from wheat, and barley, from barley; don’t be indifferent about the reward of (your) action (i.e. as you sow, so shall you reap).”