Exalted son, through the representations of the spies I have come to know that the royal road between Bahádūr pūr* and Khūjasteh-būniád* is not free from danger. Highwaymen rob the merchants* and travellers of their goods. Wayfares cannot travel in security. When such robbery takes place near the quarters of your and my armies (at Ahmedábád and Būrhánpūr), woe to the condi­tion of distant roads! It seems that the reporters* do not furnish you with true accounts. Carelessness and indiffer­ence are contrary to the way of kingship and sovereignty. (Now) you should appoint new reporters and give them warning and punish the former ones. Prepare an army to extirpate these ruffians and to free the royal road from the machinations of these loafers. How long will you allow this shameful mismanagement to go on? (Couplet) “I don’t ask you either to suffer a loss or to gain an advantage. O You! who are losing an opportunity, whatever you want to do, do it soon (i.e. don’t lose the opportunity of doing a thing).” May you be happy.