1704. LETTER XIX*.

Exalted son, may God protect you. To take away the ‘faujdárship’* of Sorath* from Fateh Jang Khán of the Báli* tribe and to give it to the superintendent of the palace* is like breaking a sound bottle with one’s own hand (i.e. will spoil the matter). In the province of Gujarát, the Báli tribe have great respect and pride for the military profession. To give the ‘foujdárship’ of that province to others save this tribe is far from wisdom. The ‘Panj-Hazáriáns’, like Hasan Ali Khán,* son of Ali Vardi Khán,* and Saf Shekan Khán* and others, had been appointed to the ‘fauj­dárship’ of Sorath in order to manage it. It will be desir­able if your superintendents follow the footsteps of the deceased Shūjá’ at Khán*. Otherwise as this is the province of Gujarat, may God forbid, there will be disorder and confusion*. It will take a long time to restore peace and order there. Other things depend upon your choice. (Couplet) “I wou’t tell you not to do this and to do that; listen to advice which will render your work easy”. May your end terminate in safety (i.e. All’s well that ends well).