Happy son, Mahammad A’azam, may God protect and save you. I came to know from the events (that have happened) in the province of Málwá,* that the blind-minded* Pahár Singh, through his great pride and haughtiness, became the source of sedition and rebellion and raised the standard of rebellion against (us); (but) he was killed by Talūk Chand*, the assistant to (my) dear and fortunate son (i.e. A’azam)’s minister, and entered hell*. Thank God under any circumstance. (Couplet) “I sacrifice myself before Thee, O God, for Thy favour to me.” Truly, the accomplishment of this affair is through your generous encouragement (to servants); because you make the state servants do government affairs by encouraging and patronis­ing them. For this I congratulate you and send you a necklace* of pearls worth Rs. 50000.* As this Hindu (i.e. Talūk Chand) has verified the proverb that ‘the sparrow (i.e. Talūk Chand being a Bania or Márwári) has bravely killed the hawk (i.e. Pahár Singh being a Rajput)’. I exalt him by giving him a personal (not hereditary) title of ‘Pán-Sadi*’, a hundred cavaliers, a (Hindu) title of ‘Ráo’,* a robe of honour, a sword and a horse. You should also favour him, who has distinguished himself among his equals, by sending him a letter of encomium and praise and assigning him the independent governorship of a province, so that other servants may be induced to render good service in the expectation of a reward.