Letters addressed to
Abdūl Kásim Khán.

The Khán was distinguished with the title of Mūltifat Khán. (Cf. Let. CLXII). After the death of Amir Khán, he received the title of Amir Khán. He was the head of the body guards of His Majesty (i.e., Aurungzebe). He knew the most holy nature of Aurungzebe and made fine remarks appropriate to the time and occasion before the emperor.


You should write to Muhammad A’azam Sháh, “I (i.e., Aurungzebe) am pleased with your honesty and intelli­gence. How long will the poor Záhedeh Bánū remain in misery and affliction? She has a claim on you and me. To deprive her of this right becomes the cause of displeasure to God. Don’t you know to what an extent the overflow­ing bounty of the forgiving Creator forgives the crimes of many sinners and of men of bad actions? For God’s sake and my sake remove from the bosom the old (feeling of) revenge and the remembrance of the former quarrel. You should shew favour to this old lady who has no other rela­tive except you. Her grandsons (esp. Badhū) saw an evil day as a punishment of their actions. We have to leave the world; consequently we must put up with every man. (Verse) ‘Tell who is the man in the world who has not committed sins (i.e., every man in the world commits sins)’. I remember the rare words uttered by Miyán Abdūl Latif*—may his holy tomb be sanctified—, ‘To give countenance to an ungodly person and to deprive a rightful man of his right are the worst crimes’. The Creator of real effects (i.e., God) produced an effect upon the tongue of this sinner, full of sins (i.e., Aurungzebe). What more can be written than this*?”