I sent my sincere and devoted servant (i.e., Asad Khan) to the house* of prince Bahádūr. By giving a warning to the father (i.e., Asad Khán) and the son (i.e., Zūl Fikár Khán), I augmented the houour of the prince. Evidently he became proud and self-conceited and lost his (royal) dignity. May God forgive him. It is proper on his part that he should tender a personal apology, go to the house of Nasrat Jang*, beg the Khán’s pardon*, and consider him­self a subordinate of his father. The taste of ‘káneh kuch­cha* should not be forgotten. (Verses) “Do you know what is manliness? Do you know who is a brave man? A brave man is he who puts up with his enemies and associates with his friends”.