Exalted son, I came to know that Mūstafá Kūlli Beg, your private secretary, performs your work carefully. This is sufficient. If you will write to me for giving an additional post to and conferring the title of a ‘Khán’ on him, I will favour him with them. An honest man is like unalloyed gold. (Couplet) “Human beings are found everywhere in this world, but their essence (i.e. honesty) is found very rarely (i.e. there are many men in this world, but honest men are very few)”. One day, the late Sa’ad Alláh Khán* after being disengaged from prayer, raised up his hands, for a long time, asking for blessings (from God). One of the impudent courtiers asked (him), “What is your wish?” He replied, “(I pray) to be an honest man”. Truly, he gave a (very) good reply. Though the quality of honesty and sincerity, bestowed by the High God upon (every) human being, is natural (in him from his very birth), it requires (the help of) encouragement and reward from the master, so that the servant may live in a comfortable condition and in proportion to his condition he may be free from any anxiety with regard to his livelihood, and consequently worldly needs will not corrupt his faith. (Verse) “Because a happy and contented servant works more.”