You should write to my dear son Bahádūr, “This world passed away, and the next one came near (i.e., the world will be destroyed and the day of judgment is near). The things which will be left behind us (after our death) as a memory and which will be useful to us (in the next world) are good and charitable deeds*. You should know that you have to depart from this world and therefore do charitable deeds (by taking advantage of your present life). That man is wise who takes advantage of the present time which is between the past and the future, practises as soon as he can good and virtuous acts, and considers the present and the future as the past (i.e., takes advantage of the present time and does not lose any opportunity). (Verse) ‘O Sa’adi*! you give daily advice to every one, but you yourself do not act upto it (i.e., nor is it Homer nods, but we that dream).’”