Letters addressed to
Asad Khán*.


You should write, nay address in a respectable way as in a petition, to the heir-apparent, Muhammad Mūazzam Sháh Bahádūr, that the post of the faujdárship of Jalálábád* had been managed well by Sheikh Karim Ulláh. His father was a soldier and also a civil servant. I am not fully informed of his condition. You should write what his post is.

I have heard from outside that the agent of the ‘Sūbi­dár’ who is a landlord in the province of Káshmere* comes for a long time into the ‘diváni’ court about the case of the revenue of a ‘jághir’ which the ‘Sūbidár’ wants to receive from a Káshmiri officer. The judge of the court, through partiality to the irreligious Káshmiri officer, does not compel him to give the rightful revenue to the ‘Subi­dár’. In this case it is allowable if the ignorant bring an excuse for their ignorance and foolishness. May God forgive them. Yet why should the wise bring forth an excuse? Often have I said with a loud voice and again I say, “In giving the rightful man his due and in crushing the oppression of the tyrants, I do not shew partiality even to any of my sons; then how can I be partial to others*?”

The Amir should be satisfied with putting on the gold turban presented to him only on the auspicious Sunday*. He should not make another turban.