Asad Khán and his son have written to me, “The prince (i.e., Kám Bakhsha) is ready to fight against us with the support of the infidel Rámá and desires to enter the fortress (i.e., Jinji)*. But on account of the caution of the royal army, the accursed Rámá could not come out of the fortress and receive the prince in. This is the reason of the delay in taking the fortress.” According to (my) order you should write them to keep a watch over the prince and to take the fortress. You should write a strong letter and entrust it to Iaar Ali Beg* who will send it to them by rapid stages. It should not be that the prince joins the enemy (i.e., Rámá) and foils our efforts like the late prince*. (Verse) “In a country where boys are rulers, the claims of a hundred years’ services become as playthings to them (i.e., when boys become rulers, they do not pay any regard to long services and thus upset the plans of the king)”.

Having heard about the great wealth of India Sharif-i-Mecca*, for taking an advantage for himself, sends me every year an envoy (for receiving money from me). This sum of money which I sent (with the envoy to the Sharif) is for the needy. We should take care whether the money is distributed among the poor or is wasted by the Sharif. On your own behalf you should write to the great and rich merchants of the auspicious harbour of Sūrat* that this sum of money will be sent through them to the needy of the two holy and auspicious cities (i.e., Mecca and Medina) if they guarantee its safety. Any how religious charity practised by government should not be known to the public. My object is to please the holy souls of the prophets, the Glo­rious and Sublime God and His companion (i.e., Mahomet). May the good will and peace of God be upon him (i.e., Mahomet) and upon his family. If this is also impossible, why should it (i.e., money) not be distributed among the poor of this country (i.e., India)? Because the manifesta­tion of the Holy God is reflected in every place (i.e., God is omnipresent). We are nearer to God than even to the pulse of our neck.*