Letter addressed to
Hamid-ūd-Din Khán Bahádūr*.


Hamid should know that a few days ago prince A’azam uttered these words before me: “There are my three bitter enemies—Hamid-ūd-Din Khán, Amir Khán*, and Mūna’am Khàn*”. I replied, “Amir Khán is a good-natured man; he is the enemy of none. It is proper that Hamid is also not an enemy. The nature of Mūna’ am Khán is unknown to this oppressive and ignorant man (i.e., Aurungzebe himself)”. Did you ever consider why you are indifferent to your own condition and to death which is nearer to man than the strip of his shoe and the pulse of his neck (i.e., death comes unexpectedly)? Woe! woe! Alas! alas! (Couplet) “Sometimes I am left behind my hand, heart, and foot (i.e., sometimes I become helpless). O life! you are passing away soon; I fear that I will be left behind you (i.e., I will die soon)”. If you think it right I will recommend you to prince A’azam. If you quarrel with each other I will reconcile you both; so that you may not be dishonest in serving this mortal creature (i.e., Aurungzebe). Whatever you think write it to me or inform me of it.