My Khán Nasrat Jang, government servants do not pay any attention to honest people; because from begin­ning to end these honest men have no regard and respect for the government officials. The oppressors are not afraid of giving (money) to and taking (it) from honest men (i.e., the oppressive government servants bribe and fleece the honest); i.e., it will require no miserliness to give water to others from the ocean. Their wicked actions are contrary to my order. I do not know what punishment will be inflicted upon me on the day of judgment and what hardships will befall the subjects*. (Verse) “The thought of Saturday embitters the Friday of the boys*. The pleasure of to-day without the anxiety of to-morrow is enjoyable (i.e., sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof)”. Any how the men of power should always fear honest men and should every moment say, ‘O God! save me and protect me (from sins)’.