Khán Nasrat Jang, Ráo Dūlip* sent his other subordi­nates except Mūltifat Khán* to prince A’azam in order to request him that as the work was heavy, there would be no harm if it was reduced. All right. Many of the subordi­nates of the Ráo are in common cause with the shameless Rámá*. They do not understand they they make them­selves the butts for the arrow of destruction in the next life. (Couplet) “Wheat grows from wheat; and barley, from barley (i.e., as you sow so shall you reap). Don’t be unmindful of the reward of (your) action”. (Verse) “Oh! Morning breeze, kindly tell this beautiful deer that it has caused us to wander on mountains and in jungles”. May the end be safety.