Letters addressed to
Zūl Fikár Khán Bahádūr Nasrat Jang*.


Sincere Nasrat Jang, first this country (i.e., the Deccan) was governed by the Delhi kings. The powerful Bahámani* kings usurped it from the possession of the Afghán kings of Delhi. Having found them addicted to sensual pleasures and engaged in low worldly affairs, we (i.e., the Mogul emperors) took advantage of it and acquired the throne and the canopy for us (i.e., we founded our Delhi Empire). They received the reward of their actions from the revengeful leaders,* i.e., the Bahámani kings treated their masters (the Afghán kings of Delhi) badly and unfaithfully; they themselves, in return, were treated so by their servants. Shivá(ji)* and others also treated them badly. (Couplet) “Take advantage when the kingdom is in your hands; because the kingdom passes from one hand to another (i.e., take possession of the Deccan; because it has passed from one ruler to another)”.