Sincere Khán Firūz Jang, may God be praised. There is no difference of heart between us (i.e., we love one another even from a great distance). (Couplet) “If you are in Yaman* and at the same time with me (i.e., with my heart), you are near me. But if you are near me and at the same time without me (i.e., without my heart), you are in Yaman.” (I.e., if you are at a distant place like Yaman from me and yet if you love me at that place, you seem to be near me; but if you are near me and yet do not love me, you seem to be far away from me at Yaman). (Simi­larly though Aurungzebe was far away from the Khán, on account of his love for him he imagined himself to be near him). You must have been probably informed of the affairs of the whole day so that the physical union might be kept up. I have not seen Ináyat Alláh Khán. His place is vacant. (Verse) “The rose is rose wherever it grows”.