Sincere Khán Firūz Jang, the separation of your army cannot be helped. Send your son* into my august presence to be favoured with gifts and allowances. Then he will return to my loyal friend (i.e., you). (Verse) “Beware! when you do not know the divine secrets, do not be dis­appointed. Plays and tricks (of fortune) are concealed behind the curtain. Do not be grieved.” (I.e., a person like the Khán should not be disappointed at his misfortune; because after a time good luck will succeed misfortune). (Verse) “What burnt the heart with anxiety was the fear of separation. Any how we must put up with this separa­tion on account of the faithlessness of the sky”. (Similarly the Khán should put up with the separation of his army for which he was in great anxiety).