Letters Addressed to
Gházi-ūd-Din Khán Bahádūr Firūz Jang*.


(My) sincere Khán Firūz Jang, I desired to come myself to see this loyal friend (i.e., Firūz Jang who was ill at the time); but with what face and how can I see you? Consequently I have sent Sa’adat Khán* on my own behalf to see my eye (i.e., my dear Khán) and to represent to you what is concealed in my heart. Grapes are the only new fruits obtainable here. But the Greek physicians con­sider them injurious for the health of the noble, sincere, and learned Khán. Therefore I myself do not take grapes. If the Holy God wishes we will eat grapes together after the immediate recovery of your health. (Verse) “O God! how pleasant is this my desire (of getting recovery)! May Thou fulfil this desire”.