Prince A’azam, for his arrears due to the government, has requested that the district of Lūdhi should be assigned to him (so that he may be able to pay off his arrears from the revenue of the district). You should write to him or tell his agent, “There is no harm if his arrears remain unpaid. They will be considered to be paid off from the assets, cash money, the price of the jewels, &c. This is not the business of merchants”. His Majesty (Sháh Jehán) used to keep in arrears more than one-fourth part of (the pro­duce of) the ‘jághirs’ of the princes and the nobles. In my time all rules are without force.

Many times the pivot of the kingdom (i.e., Asad Khán) used to say on his own behalf, “I have never been appointed to manage the state affairs outside the capital. If I am sent abroad people will see my way of working*”. I had heard these words reported by the spies word for word. At this time I came to know from the reports of reporters that an accursed enemy had attacked Zūl Fikár Khán* (at Gingi) and had not allowed provision to be in the Khán’s reach and that the Khán is in difficulty and requires help. A royal mandate was issued to you for going soon to the help of your son. When you made delay in joining him, I wrote the letter with my bright hand. Because you confessed your love for your son; but now when he is in difficulty, why do you hesitate to go there? To set forth a claim is one thing, and to fulfil the claim is another. (Verse) “Don’t boast more; because your pride is over*”.