Tarbiat Khán* is yet in need of money. He has got money (from the royal treasury) for (distributing it) among the soldiers of the fortresses. From outside I came to hear that he has kept this money for his own private purpose. What can the wicked reporters do? The Khán has been appointed over them. These reporters upset important royal arrangements by selfishness; and being ashamed (of their conduct), they pretend ignorance in communicating the news. What is the cause of the fortification of the fortresses by the great rebels and of the watch of Esavi Khán over these fortresses? Had we been informed from the beginning these things would not have happened. The ‘jághir’ should be taken away from Tarbiat Khán and given to Būrhán Alláh Khán who complains of having no ‘jághir’. Evidently Būrhán Alláh Khán is in army. You should write and threaten the above Khán (i.e., Tarbiat Khán), “How has this case resulted in this manner? Why did you pay no attention to the results of the affair as far as your eye could reach? At the time when money was not distributed among the soldiers, when there was no provision in the fortress, and when the soldiers were weakened by want of food and money, where were you? It is enough if the soldiers receive their pay and are faithful in doing their work. We know that the soldiers can do nothing without money and food. Are these the ways of true and faithful Mohemadans to ruin the state affairs, which are truly divine, for the sake of selfishness, and to disregard, for the sake of this perishable life, the right of soldiers (of getting money), which strengthens the infidels to injure them? Immediately you should get the receipts of pay from all soldiers and send them (to me). Otherwise you will cer­tainly be punished like those who are dishonest and help the infidels. Because, truly, God will not allow the tricks of the treacherous to prosper”.