To-day Tarbiat Khán* requested me to present two or three turbans adorned with jewels to two or three ‘Mang-báshis’* who had rendered good services during this expedi­tion. You should say to the above Khán, “Though you have passed your life in government service and have been favoured (for this) by the emperor, you do not know that these ‘Mang-báshis’ do not deserve to be favoured in such a way”. For pleasing him and encouraging him for the service he rendered to the state, a turban adorned with a gold medal will be sent to him. Javáhir Khán will send it to him. Help and grace we receive from God. But in future the Khán will not make such a request regarding the ‘Mang-báshis’. If any one will execute an important royal work and will render the state a service with great caution, he will be rewarded and pleased with a robe of honour and money in cash, and with a horse in case he has lost his own horse.