Rūh Alláh Khán* discharged his debts with difficulty. This extravagant and rich Khán desires to squander away lavishly the money equivalent to the fine imposed upon him (i.e., not to pay the fine). He garbles the money accounts. When landlords are unable to pay money to the royal treasury, the debt is discharged from their estates by reve­nue collectors. You should appoint an agent to get from the Khán immediately the fine imposed upon him by the state. Not a single ‘asharafi’* should be left to the Khán but all the whole amount of fine should be recovered from him. His Majesty (Sháh Jehán),—may his tomb be sancti­fied, —was very particular in recovering fines. Immediately he appointed mischievous and strict ‘chilás’* and thus received fines. I remember that one day His Majesty made Ja’afar Khán,* who was at the time a vizier, sit in the ‘Ghosal Kháneh’, and received from him the fine imposed upon him. The above Khán was offended with the super­intendent of the ‘Ghosal Kháneh, who had in his charge the amount of his fine, and was prepared to do him harm and injury. H. M. told the unkindly brother (i.e., Dárá) to reconcile both of them after the dismissal of the court and to make the above-mentioned Khán give the superinten­dent a ‘dūsháleh’.*