Khán Jehán Bahádūr* died. ‘We have come from God and to Him we shall return.’ God is holy. How very neg­ligent is man? How long will he be overpowered by passion?* At this time the Khán was desiring (to get) the governorship of the Deccan. How intensely was he anxious about it? Yes, the work of passion is worse than this. (Verses) “To destroy passion is not the business of wisdom (i.e., wisdom is overpowered by passion). The internal lion (i.e., passion) is not a plaything for the hare (i.e., wisdom). Passion devoured the whole world and swallowed it. Its belly was crying, ‘Is there any more (infidel)’?* This passion is hell and hell is a dragon, before which (the wide expanse of) the ocean is nothing. Passion swallows up the seven seas and yet this world-burning passion cannot quench its thirst. (Men useless like) stones (i.e., sinners) and stony-hearted infidels enter hell with shame and disgrace. Yet hell is not satisfied with so much food (i.e., sinners and infidels) till this voice comes from God in response to its desire (of devouring more victims), ‘Are you satisfied’? Hell replies, ‘Am I satisfied? No, I am not yet. Look at my fire, heat, and sensation (i.e., I am still burning with the desire of having more victims)’. God stretches forth His leg to hell from ‘Lá Makán’.* At this time hell is satisfied with ‘kūn-fi-kán’.*

As this our passion forms a part of hell, (and) parts always possess the effect of the whole (consequently passion has the effect of hell). None but God can imagine the insatiable appetite of hell. I pray for strength to the Ocean-splitting (i.e., Powerful and Great) God in order to remove (or dig out) the Mount Caucasus with a needle”.* May the High God favour us with (His) grace and relieve us from this dark day (i.e., passion). I conjure Him by the name of Mahomet the Prophet and of his family. May the bless­ings and peace of God be upon Mahomet.