Khájeh Abdūr Rahim* died. He was religious and pious and was very brave. One day he was standing in my presence with a country-made dagger hanging from his waist. I liked the dagger and said, “Its make is very fine”. He replied, “Its name is better than its make.” I asked, “What’s that”? He replied, “Ráfiz-i-Kūsh”*. I observed, “I also want to get three or four daggers pre­pared of the same make and name for the state”. He took out the dagger from his waist, presented it to me, and said, “Till they are prepared, this humble present will be exalted in the state”. Then he took leave and departed. You should write to me about the condition of his sons* or tell Ináyat Alláh Khàn to write to me so that each may be favoured according to his merit.