Mūrshid Ali Khán is a revenue collector;* and he is also not devoid of honesty. If this work is offered to him, possibly he will perform it better than others. You should ask him (about this work) on your own behalf. That old servant (i.e., you) must have heard the case of Fazl Ali Khán*. An army should be sent to punish the turbulent ‘Kazal-báshán’.* What is Khán Bahádūr Hamid* doing? This sinner (i.e., Aurungzebe) wishes that no crime, espe­cially oppression*, should be perpetrated; the result will be that there will be order and peace in the kingdom. King­ship is not maintained without discipline. Sometimes orders appropriate to the occasion are issued through the force of passion and without volition. You should ask the opinion of the learned about this. May God be praised that your intention is good. You will not be punished by God. Truly, ‘Man’s action will depend upon his intention’.* This tradition is correct, convincing and authoritative.