Amir-ūl-Umará* is dead. He was one of the old ser­vants. ‘We have come from God and to Him we shall return’*. He also possessed property. You should write to the finance minister of his province to confiscate his property with great caution and to take into possession as royal property every kind of thing obtainable from his ser­vants with force and strictness*. You should make the secretary of the deceased (i.e., Mūrlidhar) understand that he will be favoured for his good service. You should inform me of the condition of the sons of the deceased.* I have also spoken to another person about this matter; but with the thought of looking after his relatives I have appointed, a second time, that devoted servant (i.e., you) to this affair. Certainly you will display your worthy quality with truth and sincerity. Amán Alláh Khán* is not unsuitable for this work (i.e., for governing the province of the deceased). (Therefore) he should be appointed to (this post). You should inform me about his titles so that they may be increased. I intend shewing him another favour shortly.