Khán Jehán Bahádūr*, notwithstanding his previous activity, displayed inactivity in this affair like old officers. When I reprehended about this his negligence he requested me to forgive him. But he has not improved. All this ruin (of our affairs) is to be attributed to his insincerity. How should it not be that there is no act worse than insincerity (i.e., insincerity is the worst act)? Truly, ‘The hypocrites are in the lowest pit of hell’*. You should write him some­thing for his forgiveness and should suggest to him this (Koranic) verse so that his eyes may be opened and he be warned against insincerity. Though it is impossible that the inward enemy (i.e., passion) should be strong, your greatest enemy is passion between your two sides (i.e., in your heart). Why do you allow this passion to really over­come you? O God! release us from the fetters of passion and let us not die in its bondage. (Couplet) “Man received favour from God which was His first favour.* Whatever is shewn by God seeks after the misguided (i.e., God shews mercy and favour to the misguided). Blessing and its acceptance are from Thee; security and fear are (also) from Thee”.