You must have known that an arrow was darted to­wards Yákūt (Khán) and that it was found out that it was that unfortunate foster brother (i. e., Hadū) of Kám Bakhsha* who had darted the arrow. I punished the man who had darted the arrow and separated him from the foolish prince. I ordered what was to be done with that wicked person (i.e., Hadū) who was the worst companion* of the prince. He who has Satan as his companion has truly selected a bad companion. (Verse) “The company of the wicked is dangerous like fire. When the fire is hot it burns the body; but when it is extinguished it makes the coat black (similarly an evil companion first annoys his friend and then blackens his character)”.* By the bad omen of Hadū’s company the prince has been misled. Some ‘chilás’* should be appointed to keep a watch over him round his tent. And you should inform me about him.