From the letters sent by the reporters of the army of (my) grandson, I came to know that the army of Alláh Khán, notwithstanding the approach of the enemy, were engaged in drinking, and he himself did not go to the enemy personally but sent others to punish them; and having gone to the house of Navázesh Khán* passed his time, from evening till morn, in drinking and in enjoying the dance. He did not restrain himself from drinking wine notwithstand­ing the prohibition (enjoined in the Koran). He still per­sists in (disobeying) this prohibition (of taking wine). Therefore the reporters for selfish desires attribute many things (i.e., bring charges) to the servants patronised by me. That devoted servant (i.e., you) should write to the secretary to inquire fully after all the posts (of the Khán) and then to write to me.