Evidently Zūl Fikár Khán* has appointed persons to carry the artillery; (but) it makes Rūh Alláh Khán hesitate in the midst of affairs, though it is also a state affair. But you should write to the above Khán (i.e., Rūh Alláh Khán) that he should use the guns for taking the fortress and should not place any confidence in those persons (appointed by Zūl Fikár Khán) till the conquest of the fortress (is completed). I saw the plan, sent by him (i.e., Rūh Alláh Khán), of the intrenchment of the fortress. The side for the entrenchment is good; and in many ways, it is better than other sides. But from the absence of a ditch (in the plan) it appears that outwardly the ground must be strong. It will be difficult to undermine (this stony ground). Two or three bastions and ramparts must be raised, so that the heavy blows of the firing of the guns will shake the firmness of the besieged and of the walls of the fortress. This diffi­culty must soon be solved. I also issued an order in this matter. I write what is required for this with my own hand and with a great urgency. (Couplet) “With various and different hopes we expect great success and victory”. May God forgive.