Rūh Alláh Khán* has requested me to issue orders in the names of the ‘diván’* of the Deccan* and of the com­manders of the garrisons thereof, so that by managing the affairs of the districts of that province he may take into his possession the fiscal properties, ‘jághirs’, and other effects which have been recently confiscated from the evil-minded Masud Khán, and then he may write to me. Those articles which will be fixed, will be assigned to that officer and treasurer (i.e., Rūh Alláh Khán). You should give him a document for the ‘jághir’ assigned to him. And you should send him, at the time of necessity, the artillery and neces­sary things required by him for the entrenchment. You should write to him about these things. A collector should be appointed so that our ‘beel-dárán’* may send the trea­sury to him. The letter of the Prince Bahádūr*, which has been addressed to the above-named Khán, should be handed over to (his) agent; or it should be enclosed with your own letter and (then) be sent to him; but it is better that you write him another letter. This man (i.e., Rūh Alláh Khán) is not an officer who has always treated me in one and the same way. All his flattery was for the object of gaining his own ends. It is possible that inter­nally he is not sincere. You should think about him and then write to me. (Verse) “How can you make yourself a different person by applying paints (and cosmetics to your body)? Though the garment fits the body, it does not form a part of it (i.e., good wine needs no bush)”.