Shūjá’at Khán* is dead. ‘We have come from God and to Him we shall return’*. He was an experienced man and preserved good order in Gūjarát. A governor must be appointed for this province. You should select three per­sons yourself (for this) and then write to me. Prince A’azam also desires (to be the governor of Ahmedábád)*. This post should be given to the prince if he does not attach importance to the royalty and executes his work better than others. We expect grace from God and guid­ance from Him. In this case (of the governorship of Ahmedábád) there is none more fit for it than Khair Andish Khán. But they say he is almost blind, and consequently useless. Either he or another should be appointed. Ateek Alláh Khán* is not (so) bad. You have stated well the cases of Abráhim Khán* and of the Káshmeris of Hafz Alláh Khán; but you have not written in your letter about the consequences (of their governorships). (Couplet) “Pity on his (i.e., Asad Khán’s) knowledge and manners; his truth-seeing eyes have become blind (for not representing the cases of Abráhim Khán and of Hafz Alláh Khán in a proper way to Aurungzebe)”. What do you mean by not caring for investigating the truth regarding (one’s) honesty? Therefore it is said that one who administers justice and is entrusted with the investigation of truth must possess uprightness so that he may not decide the case either from a confession or from a denial, and may not be negligent in any way in administering justice, and may not be partial to the powerful party. Such honest and impartial men were rare in former times also. Where are those persons (i.e., none) in the present time when faith is weak and the devil is strong?*