Devoted servant of the court, Mūkhalis Khán* is ill. You should go to the Khán and pay him a visit and inquire after his health on my behalf. Such persons (like Mūkhalis Khán) are worthy of being remembered. His Majesty (Sháh Jehán) liked much his manner of addressing him. It is right that he possesses the necessary qualities of honesty and faithfulness. May God cure him. To-day his son is not come. Where is he and what is he doing? He should not be allowed to act according to his own way. You should take care after him. He has learnt by heart some chapters of the Koran. It should not be that he should forget them.

I have sent to (my) devoted servant (i.e., you) the original account of the undertaking of Kásim Khán*, with regard to the conquest of the fortress of Chanchi*, sent to me by Muhammad Kám Bakhsha*. You should inquire whether this account of Kásim Khán’s undertaking is cor­rect or is meant to be the cause of the breaking of your heart. How many things are there which the people of the world, for selfishness, will not do; and how many rifts are there which they will not make right for fear lest they do not have their own work done? (I.e., the people of the world, owing to their selfish desires, say anything they like; and for serving their own purpose, do anything they like). What is better than this, i.e., Kásim Khán’s cap­turing the shameless Rámá* and taking his fortress (Chanchi)?

Sirdár Khán is also an old servant. He is not bad. He should be made permanent in his post.