Mūna’am Khán* did not perform this work well. He did not discharge his duty as he ought to have done. He is inexperienced and talks nonsense. He should be instructed (in working and talking) and should be punished by degrading him his post. But I myself (i.e., Aurung­zebe) want to be instructed. (Verse) “I have become old, confused, and misled.”

Abū Násir Khán* has revolted in Láhore* and has harassed the people there. Either his head of safety might be itching (i.e., he might be endangering his life) or he might have found the kingdom without the king. You should write to the paymaster and inquire of him about his post and title; and in the evening or to-morrow you should inform me of this so that he may be brought to his senses by degrading him his post. (Couplet) “When asses go astray, they should be beaten with sticks in the hand (in order to bring them to the right path)”.

Zabar Dast Khán* is a soldier and better than his father in state affairs. Having exercised his own authority in the capital of Láhore, he punished most of the rebels of the city and of its surroundings, and destroyed their houses. According to (my) order, you should write him a letter of congratulation and commendation, and get prepared a robe of honour for (giving) him. (Verse) “The pleasing good news makes work done soon”.