Sincere and devoted servant, (my eldest son) has com­plained against Fateh Alláh Khán*. At the time of the departure of the above-mentioned Khán (to Cábūl) I knew that the company of this presumptuous Khán would not suit the prince (i.e., Mūazzam). But what can I do? I was forced by my son to send the Khán to him. He insisted upon my satisfying his wish (to send the Khán to him). Fateh Alláh Khán should be deprived of his personal title of ‘Pán-Sadi’ and of three hundred of his followers; and a notification of this deprivation together with the depriva­tion of his title of ‘Bahádūr’* should be sent to the second record keeper. According to my order, you should write to that most talkative person (i.e., the Khán): “Does faithfulness mean injuring the feelings of the prince and dis­pleasing the heir-apparent by boasting that he is under your obligation by your service? This is the way of mean persons and not of those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of honour. You should please me by your service to the prince; and (thus) through his request you will get an additional title”. Now it is proper if he repents of his former deeds. You should communicate to him this order and request the prince to shew him favour.

This fortress*, if God wishes, will be shortly taken. But (now) it is necessary to think about the devilish Santá.* You should write importunately to Khán Firūz Jang to punish that man, worthy of being kicked (i.e., Santá), and to stop his hand of boldness before his attack. (Verse) “A foresighted man is auspicious”.*