Sincere and devoted servant, Muhammad Ikhalás Iná­yat Alláh Khán* said (to me) verbally, “The eldest son of sovereignty (i.e., Mūazzam, the crown prince) has incurred debts, and the pay of the soldiers is in arrears”. When he (Mūazzam), without considering the ability of men, gives them posts and salaries without any reason, and when he gives them presents and shews them favours unreasonably, why should he not incur debts? He knows the Koran by heart, and is an unrivalled learned man. Neither does he remember (the Koranic verse) ‘Don’t be extravagant in spending money’, nor does he read some­times, through mistake, the commentary on this (verse). (Couplet) “Men have got their eyes, ears, and intellect open. I am confused of their deceit to God (i.e., though men have their eyes, &c., open, I do not see why they are blind to serve God and why they deceive Him)”. His secretary is also unknown to me, his native place being Cáshmere*. An arrangement should be made. The secre­taryship should be changed (and given to Islám Khán). Islám Khán is not (so) bad (as the present secretary).