That sacrifice, you should think well that the departure of Fateh Alláh Khán* to Cábūl is most probably not advisable (for the following reasons): (1) he is the master of a large tribe; (2) he is also powerful; (3) he is irri­table and talkative. He had been sent along with Rūh Alláh Khán* (the Second—as a subordinate at the siege of Parnálá). He treated the above-mentioned Khán (i.e., Rūh Alláh Khán) as if the Khán was his subordinate. Notwith­standing the gentility and mild treatment of the Khán and his own inferior post and a few men under him and my emphatic order to obey the above-mentioned Khán, he uttered such harsh and rude words to the Khán that he (i.e., the Khán) was ashamed and disgraced before people. You should watch the movements of such a man (like Fateh Alláh Khán) who is a ‘Seh-Hazári’ (i.e., has 3000 men under him), has got a title of ‘Bahádūr’*, goes to such a dis­tant place (i.e., Cábūl), and is cautious and watchful like Sháh Bahádūr*. It won’t matter if that sincere servant (i.e., you) will think calmly on this movement (of Fateh Alláh Khán); otherwise it is better to keep him here near us*.