I read the letter sent to you by Rūh Alláh Khán*, together with the report. But the letter did not please me. You will send Rūh Alláh Khán the map according to (the request in) his letter. Why should I accept your request for keeping Abdūlláh Khán* in his post when he has done nothing? But when the above-mentioned Khán (i.e., Rūh Alláh Khán) is his superior, I accede to your request; (because Rūh Alláh Khán will improve Abdūlláh Khán). God gives supplies and provisions to whom He wishes without any calculation. Now you should employ him (i.e., Abdūlláh Khán) in some difficult work so that this favour (of keeping him in his post) will not prove costly to us (by his doing something).

You have requested me to favour Ráo Dūlip* with a ‘jaldū’*. Had he taken the fortress before your arrival there, it would have been allowable to favour him with a ‘jaldū’. When you arrived there, what importance should be attached to Ráo Dūlip? (And consequently he should not be rewarded with a ‘jaldū’). But after all he should be rewarded with a ‘jaldū’ for pleasing you or through mere kindness from me.