§ 68. Be not too proud of your good service.

“Write to Fathullah Khan that his exploits have been known in detail from the despatches, and they have become the cause of his welcome at Court (mujra); but he should not turn this risking of his life into the sale of service (i.e., mercenary work), nor should he displease me by displeasing my generals.”

Text.—Ir. MS. 12b & 13a. MS. R. gives only the portion from ‘he should not turn.’ This letter is given in many of the other collections of Aurangzib's letters, and is No. 123 in the lithographed edition of the Ruqaat-i-Alamgiri. I think it has got into the Ahkam by mistake.

Notes.—Mir Muhammad Sadiq, surnamed Fathullah Khan Bahadur Alamgirshahi, distinguished himself at the sieges of Panhala and Khelna, so that the other imperial generals grew jealous of him. Life in Masir-ul-umara, iii. 40—47. History of Aurangzib, v. ch. 54 for interesting details.