§ 67. A fragment.

The Emperor wrote on the sheet of the application, “Although he is a child, I know him to be a wise child. Probably he made this petition in a state of sukr (=intoxication) which is written with the letter sin (=s) devoid of dots, whereas shukr (=gratitude) is written with the letter shin (=sh) marked with dots— [though] both the words are of the measure of ‘qufl’. For this sort of gratitude, that shin does not help in [supplying] the measure (wazn) [of the word qufl].”

Text.—MS. N. 4a 7—11. This fragment comes immediately after the text of § 69, but cannot be connected with the latter, as Ruhullah Khan's petition did not contain the word shukr.

Note.—The Arabic letter for s is turned into sh by putting three dots over it. Measure &c. are terms of Arabic etymology.