§ 64. Official etiquette enforced.

From the report of the province of Bengal the Emperor learnt that Ibrahim Khan, the governor, in excess of pomposity and pride, used to hold Court while sitting on a couch (charpai), and the qazi and other officers of Canon Law used to sit humbly on the floor. On the sheet of the report the Emperor wrote:—“The prime-minister should write a ‘Letter By Order of the Emperor’ to the said governor, stating that if he is unable to sit on the ground by reason of any disease, he is excused till his restoration to health, and he should urge his doctors to cure him soon. As the news-writer (sawanih-nigar) has risen to a high rank (mansab), he is no longer fit to continue as news-writer. Let him be given a promotion in rank of 100 troopers. Write to Ibrahim Khan to find for him a faujdari (militia command) within the jurisdiction of his province, so that the latter too may know the test of report-writing against himself by (other) writers. Yar Ali Beg should think about it and recommend some other news­writer, who possesses dignity.”

Text.—Ir. MS. 5a & b, MS. N. 35a & b.

Notes.—Ibrahim Khan was governor of Bengal from 1689 to 1697.