§ 57. Reliance on God in financial difficulty.

Inayetullah Khan submitted to the Emperor, “The retinue (misl) of the officers who are daily paraded before your Majesty is unlimited, while the land for granting as jagirs is limited. How can an unlimited thing be made to equal a limited one?”

The Emperor wrote, “God pardon us! The imperial stores (karkhanah) are an emblem of the Court of God. The people are the children of God and their livelihood is in God's charge. This poor and humble bread-distributer (i.e., Aurangzib) is no more than an agent of the glorious Lord. To believe that there can be scantiness and limit in God's Court is the essence of infidelity and sin. Praised be God! and again praised be God! Although my legs are broken, my heart is not broken. After the capture of Fort Satara jagir for 5 or 7 thousands has, according to the statement of Arshad Khan, been added to the dominions of this mortal (= Aurangzib). Make them assignments on this (new territory). When it is exhausted, God will on a new day give you a new source of livelihood.”

Texts.—Ir. MS. 24b.

Notes.—Inayetullah Khan (M. U. ii. 828) was appointed diwan of tankha in July, 1692. He was the “personal disciple” and favourite secretary of Aurangzib, and rose to be wazir under Bahadur Shah I. Arshad Khan was appointed diwan of khalsa in 1698, and died in 1701. M. U. i. 290.