§ 56. No money for repairing forts.

The letter of Mansur Khan, governor of Aurangabad, was placed before the Emperor. Its purport was, “The imperial camp has reached Ahmadnagar. I consider it necessary to apply for an order for the repair of the citadel of Aurangabad, so that by the time of the arrival of the imperial standards here the repairs may be completed.”

The Emperor wrote thus, (verses)

“In the grave the earth has opened its arms to receive him,
And the man in his ignorance is painting his house!
It will soon happen that through this negligence, avarice, and desire of his,
His bones and flesh will fall apart from one another!

I wonder at this old servant who knows my feelings making such a request in the face of my order issued on the day of my arrival at Ahmadnagar, ‘Write of Ahmad-nagar as my journey's end.’ What chance is there of my going to Aurangabad, when I have spoken of Ahmadnagar as the terminus of my travels? In the so many days of my past life there has been no difference (change) in my words! God willing, up to the day of my removal to the eternal home, there will be no difference between my words and acts.”

Texts.—Ir. MS. 24a & b, MS. N. 10b & 31a.

Notes.—Aurangzib returned to Ahmadnagar, a broken down old man, ruined in health, finance, and prestige, on 20th January, 1706. (M. A. 512). We read of a Mansur Khan, who was superintendent of the Deccan artillery from 1699 to 1705. (M. A. 404, 497). A Khwajah Manzur was qiladar of Daulatabad in 1658. (A. N. 44). The phrase ‘journey's end’ as applied to Ahmadnagar is given in Khafi Khan, ii. 541, also.