§ 44. Charity covers a multitude of sins.

From the news-letter of the office (kachari) of the High Diwan the Emperor learnt that Mir Habibullah of Jaunpur, the amin of the poll-tax on non-Muslims (jaziya), had misappropriated beyond a doubt Rs. 40,000 from the imperial charity treasury (bait-ul-mal), and that he had also admitted it. Inayetullah Khan had placed him under detention in the office and appointed strict sazawals (collectors) to exact the money from him. The aforesaid Sayyid was saying, “I have only a life, but no earthly property in my possession.”

Across the sheet of the news-letter the Emperor wrote, “Why do you try to realize again money which has been already recovered by me? From the reports of Burhanpur I had repeatedly learnt before this that the aforesaid Sayyid was spending all his earnings on deserving mendicants and in works of charity. As the money of this sinner sunk in sin (i.e., Aurangzib) has been spent by means of this my agent in deeds of charity, its restitution is unprofitable. God save us from the wickedness of our passions!”

Text.–Ir. MS. 17a.