§ 43. Work for your wages.

Mukhlis Khan petitioned the Emperor to grant an increment, half in cash salary and half in jagir, to Sultan Mahmud, one of the pure-born Sayyids of the holy city of Mashhad, who was living in a very distressed condition, and whom the Khan greatly supported.

The Emperor wrote on the petition:---“The good deeds we do are for our own benefit, the sins we commit shall lie on ourselves. I know full well the saintliness and piety of that Sayyid. But he is not attached to any post. A hired labourer should not consider his wages as lawfully earned unless he has done some service,—which is a good and virtuous deed. (Verse)

Although you cannot untie a knot with your toes,
The knots of livelihood are opened by the exertions of the feet (i.e., active service).”

Text.–Ir. MS. 6b.