§ 37. Oppressive Governor rebuked.

Khan-i-Jahan Bahadur, who was governor of Lahor, greatly oppressed the inhabitants of the place at the time of his return, so that the matter reached the Emperor's knowledge from the news-reports (sawanih). On the day of interview the Emperor told him, “I had not expected this of you. The worst of all [your acts] is that you have set on foot certain innovations (bidat, illegal practices) in the jagirs appertaining to Lahor which will last for ever. (Verse)

Even after his death the tyrant does not cease to oppress.
The plumes of the (dead) eagle become in the end the feathers of arrows!”

Text.–Ir. MS. 6a & b.

Notes.–Mir Malik Husain, Bahadur Khan, brother of Azam Khan Kokah, (created Khan-i-Jahan Bahadur Kokaltash in 1673, and Zafar Jang in 1675) was one of the highest officers of Aurangzib and long served in the Deccan. Appointed subahdar of the Panjab, 11th April, 1691; but dismissed in the middle of 1693. Died 23rd November, 1697; buried at Nakudar in the Panjab Doab. (Life in Masir-ul-umara, i. 798—813).