§ 36. Kindness to Hamid Khan Bahadur.

The Emperor learnt from the news-letter of the army of Hamid Khan Bahadur, the brother of Ghazi-ud-din Khan Firuz Jang, that though not granted this distinction by the Emperor, he carried with himself kettledrums and bandsmen, and every day played the naubat as at festivities. On the sheet the Emperor wrote, “The brother of Firuz Jang Khan is not such a fool as to act so very audaciously. It is evident that there is some festival [or other] in his house everyday. As even low persons do not require permission from the Emperor to play the naubat on festive occasions, why should he? In future the news-writer must not spitefully bring such charges against him. I admire his patience that while, in spite of his holding the rank of a Commander of Four Thousand horse and the title Bahadur, I have not granted him the right to play the naubat in view of the littleness of his wisdom, he himself has not once asked [for this mark of distinction].”

Text–Ir. MS. 10b & 11a. MS. N. 11b & 12a.

Notes.–Khwajah Hamid, the son of Qalich Khan (Khwajah Abid) and brother of Firuz Jang, was created Hamid Khan Bahadur in September, 1685; afterwards got the titles of Muiz-ud-daula and Salabat Jang. (Life in Masir-ul-umara, iii. 765). In Aurangzib's reign he did not rise to a higher rank than the command of 2500. He was quite distinct from Hamid-ud-din Khan Bahadur. Died at Kulbarga, 1140 A.H.